About Us


How We Operate


We love both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We have both been in the aquarium industry for almost 30 years. Taking care of aquariums and our live coral farm is all we do and is a passion. We are very careful about how we service tanks. Everyone is different so we address each one as such. To help with this we have chosen to mix our own saltwater. It’s much safer than pulling water from the ocean. The ocean water has everything from parasites that can harm fish to oil from boats. You have to be very careful of when and where you pull the water as well. At our home we have city water with a matrix carbon tower that filters the freshwater for use. When we are mixing saltwater, we run our freshwater thru a 1000 gpd reverse osmosis DI unit which takes out everything that’s left in the water. We now have pure h2o to mix with. We use a high grade reef salt to mix with our water so we have water that is perfect for reef tanks as well as fish only tanks. We have between 400-800 gallons of saltwater mixing at all times via 2-425 gallon water tanks in our garage. If we are working on a freshwater aquarium we will use our purified water and add in the minerals needed to create healthy freshwater. We take our services very seriously because we care about the health of the environment. A healthy environment is a good looking environment.  


Trusted To Help

We have been often asked to consult for jobs. We have the knowledge and experience to be consultants on any type of job no matter the size. If you just need advice feel free to contact us.


Our Guarantee

We do not offer any promises with our service, other than we will all put in 110% at all times.