Affordable Aquarium Maintenance Service in Martin County


Add Ons

Liverock, livestock, freshwaterplants, dry goods, equipment or anything you might like toadd to you aquarium can be supplied for an additional cost.
•Liverock •Fish •Corals •Plants •Clean Up Critters •Chemicals •Filtration Media & More. 


From Maintenance to Moves, We Do It All

Customized services will be priced based on services being done.
•Any additional services will be priced based on the service.
•We do handle emergency calls and they will be priced based on the emergency.
•Payment will be required at the time of service. 

Affordable Aquarium Maintenance Service in Martin County, FL

Cultivating an aquarium takes time, care, and experience. When choosing your aquarium maintenance service, you need to find a company that upholds those same values, has a passion for proper aquarium maintenance, and maintains a progressive outlook. A & B Aquarium Services of Martin County, FL, is here for you. With almost 30 years of experience building, maintaining, and cultivating aquariums, we can help your aquarium thrive.

Basic Aquarium Maintenance

A & B Aquarium Services provides our clients with efficient, affordable, and quality aquarium maintenance. We are proficient working with both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Our basic aquarium maintenance service includes the following:

  • Water change
  • Glass cleaning (inside and outside)
  • Clean around filter and change filter pads if necessary
  • Water parameter testing
  • Water parameter adjustment if necessary
  • Protein skimmer cleaning (saltwater tanks)
  • Plant trimming (freshwater tanks)

In addition to our regular services, we also offer add-on services by request, for an additional cost, and can provide add-ons such as:

  • Corals
  • Clean-up critters
  • Chemicals>
  • Dry goods
  • Filtration media and equipment
  • Fish
  • Freshwater plants
  • Live rock
  • Restack existing rock

If you think of something else you need for your aquarium that you don’t see on this list, don’t hesitate to ask us about it — chances are we can help.

Above and Beyond Maintenance

If you need more than traditional aquarium maintenance services, we can help with that too. Whether you need assistance installing, moving, or relocating your aquarium, give us a call. We also provide emergency aquarium services when you need immediate attention.

Each maintenance and service appointment is customized to meet the needs of our clients and their aquariums. Call us today to customize, install, or move your dream aquarium. With our experience and your aquarium ideas and dreams, we’ll be able to create a stunning and healthy aquarium.

To request an appointment or to learn more, give us a call at (561) 756-3190.